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Did you know that posture can have an enormous impact on your daily life and affect you as you age? As you age, posture becomes harder to maintain and the forces of gravity push you forward into poor posture. Leaning forward and rounding your shoulders brings your spine forward and out of alignment. Your daily work or leisure routine can have a negative impact , too -- driving, sitting at a desk, and leaning over a mobile device can all contribute to long term neck and back problems and added strain on the shoulder joints. As time goes on, your muscles tend to become lazy and using those crucial postural muscles to maintain your spine in a straight or erect position can become challenging.


Correcting your posture while sitting and standing will:

 • realign your spine

 • reduce the strain on the spine

 • strengthen your postural muscles


With physical therapy, exercises to improve your postural and spinal muscle strength can lead to overall improved postural alignment and reduce the risk of back and neck pain.




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